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Happy anniversary mak & ayah

8" vanilla butter cake with buttercream ..
untuk sambutan ulang tahun perkahwinan yang ke 35...

fondant cutter

fondant cutter ni campur2, ada yg anna beli di wilton, n ada yg dibeli di kedai kek bangi..semua type of these collection anna dah try..best! adun setengah kg fondant, then uli2, macam main plastesin kecik2 dulu la pulak.
masih tunggu buku yg ditempah dr MPH online..haiya, out of stock la ..

itu saja la kot for the time being.

nozzle or tip maybe

awalnya mmg beli sekotak nozzle, tapi cam tak berbaloi jer, sbb cam byk yg anna tak gunakan,my advise- beli yang jual asing2 tu..senang, beli ikut keperluan...so takde la membazir...

pemegang kon roses tu anna beli kat bake with yen...sekali bila pegi kedai yummie-bangi, murah rm 3 plak..huh! menyesal tgk harga...tu antara my habit yg tak pupus2 hingga kini, sukalah sgt compared harga even dah beli pun..aduh..

Mr piping beg and hot spatula

piping beg ni...hmmm,sebelum terjun terus dlm industry ni, me mmg pernah tgk piping beg, tapi tak pernah guna pun, hehhe, first time pegang piping beg, gigil2 tangan, tak caya leh tanya kat kak jun, hehehe, waktu kelas k jun tu, bukan 1st time pun, but still gigil2...seronok kot dapat pegang piping beg, hahha..
n i called it " Mr piping beg"..sbb dia sgt la gagah perkasa tahan my hand temp, hehe..tgn panas ni takleh lama2 play wif buttercream..

spatula tu..ada 2 je now..yg panjang n yg pendek..nak kumpul lagi, terpikat dgn wilton punya spatula, cam best je nak handling...tunggu, akan ku terjah wilton@K.damansara tu..macam2 dalam kepala ni nak beli, huhu, sabar je la mr syuk..

my fondant helper

ni pun anna baru beli di kedai bangi...
sayangnya yg wilton punya dah kehabisan, yg anna guna ni cap "ayam" kot, hehe murah la kalau nak compared dgn wilton punya..

agak2 kalo patahla yang ni, nak tak mr syuk bagi anna yg baru punya ye..hahha, tapi takkan la sampai ganas camtu skali..errr, me kan keras tangan =0

plunger cutter flower

if muhammad dan Aisyah ada mainan..
me pun..hehhe..kesayangan ni...sooner akan lebih byk berjasa pd anna..

yang ni plunger cutter utk fondant, anna dapatkan di satu kedai jual barangan kek @bangi...nama dan alamat kedai tu anna akan update later k.

rosette cuppies

16 small cuppies
Chocolate moist with chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting

This cuppies ordered by Miss Zalina for a friend of her. I didn't know the recipient name, n so I just put wording hepy b’day.
Tq Miss Zalina


Butter cream (also known as buttercream, butter icing or mock cream) is a type of icing used inside cakes, as a coating, and as decoration. In its simplest form, it is made by creaming butter with powdered sugar, although other fats can be used, such as margarine. Colorings and flavorings are often added, such as cocoa powder or vanilla extract.

Simple buttercream
Simple buttercream, also known as American buttercream, is made by creaming together fat and powdered sugar (also known as "icing" or "confectioner's" sugar) to the desired consistency and lightness. Small quantities of whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks, or milk may be included. Some recipes also call for non-fat milk solids. Due to a high sugar content, the frosting can form a thin crust, which prevents sticking.

Decorator's buttercream
Sometimes called Rose Paste, this buttercream is creamed much less than a regular simple buttercream resulting in a stiff paste suitable for making flowers and other cake decorations. It is usually the sweetest of all the buttercreams.

Sweet cream unsalted butter is traditionally the fat of choice for buttercreams, as evidenced by the name. Butter provides a more delicate texture and superior flavor and mouthfeel (texture) when compared to vegetable shortening. Butter melts at a lower temperature, though, making it more difficult to use. The coloring provided by the butter is slightly off-white in the final frosting.

Hydrogenated vegetable shortenings (margarine) have become a popular ingredient in commercial icings during the 20th century because they are cheaper and more stable at room temperature than butter. Icings made with vegetable shortening are more stable in warm temperatures and therefore easier to work with than butter. The whiter color is also favored, especially for wedding cakes. However, shortening does not dissolve in the mouth like butter, leading to a heavy, greasy feel inside of the mouth. The flavor of the buttercream is also not as intense, and the resulting product raises health concerns due to the presence of polyunsaturated and trans fats.

Most buttercreams can be left at room temperature without melting. Buttercreams made with shortening and a higher sugar content withstand warmer temperatures better than those made solely with butter. Cooling buttercream will cause it to harden. If a frosted cake is cooled, the buttercream may crack.

When using buttercream to frost a cake, it is best to work with it when it is soft and spreadable. Icings may be stored, covered, in the refrigerator for several days. Before use, the icing needs to sit outside the fridge so it can come up to room temperature. If it must be warmed quickly or if it curdles, it can be heated over warm water (such as a bain marie or double boiler) and beaten until it becomes smooth again. Avoid directly heating the buttercream.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

memula dulu tak reti nak buat buttercream, tapi bila minat dah menguasai...
hahhha, korek semer resepi buttercream ni n try buat semuanya.lucky me, percubaan pertama dah berjaya...

playing with buttercream ni seronok sebenarnya. me pun tak abis lagi teroka dunia deco with buttercream ni..
dan rasa banyak lag yang kena belajar..

happy birthday abang

6" chocolate moist cake with choc ganache and buttercream roses
order by kak aida.
tq kak.
birthday husbandnya, nak sambut di tempat percutian katanya..wah seronok dengar..selamat bercuti to both of u.

p/s: i need to do extra work on my buttercream roses..haiya...

:: Cake and Cupcake Price, Size ::

All prices quoted on my blog may subject to change from time to time.

  • Chocolate Moist  ** RM 65/ 1kg
  • Sponge chocolate / vanilla ** RM 65/ 1kg ++
  • Hummingbird cake RM 80/ 1 kg++
  • Pandan Gula Melaka RM 80/ 1 kg++
  • Marble Nutella RM 80/ 1 kg++
  • Victoria Sandwich RM 80/ 1 kg++
  • Red Velvet  ** RM 75/ 1kg ++
  • Carrot walnut  ** RM 80/ 1kg ++
  • Russian Black & White  ** RM 75/ 1kg++
  • Rainbow Cake  ** RM 75/ 1kg ++
  • Snickers Cheesecake  ** RM 75/ 1kg ++
  • Blueberry Cheesecake  ** RM 75/ 1kg++
  • Classic Oreo Cheesecake  ** RM 75/ 1kg ++
  • Pavlova  ** RM 80/ 2 layer of 9inch , 
  • Mini Pavlova **9pcs RM 60
  • Baby Pavlova **32pcs RM 70

Cupcakes - standard size Medium (2.5 oz Souffle Cup) 5.5 cm (W,top diameter) x 3.5 cm (H)
  • 16 pcs / box = from RM50.00 
  • 25 pcs / box = from RM70.00
Mini Cupcakes - standard design, swirl buttercream with M&M candies **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 35


  • Double chocolate chip muffin **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 40
  • Blueberry / strawberry muffin **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 35
  • Orange poppy seed muffin **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 35

  • Cheese Blueberry / Strawberry ** 50 pcs RM 50
  • Fruit Custard ** 50 pcs RM 55
  • Nutella Cheese ** 50pcs RM 55
Puff Pastries

  • Cream Horn **30 pcs RM 45
  • Fruit puff ** 30pcs RM 45
  • Sardine savory ** 30pcs RM 45

Cream Puff ** 50 pcs RM 50
Fruit Cream Puff ** 50 pcs RM 60

Slice Cakes
  • Blueberry/Strawberry/Kiwi/Orange Slice Cakes ( 1 flavor/box ) **1 box 36 pcs = RM 35
  • Chocolate Slice Cakes / Oreo Slice Cakes ( 1 flavor/box )**1 box 36 pcs = RM40
  • Ala Opera Slice Cakes ( 1 flavor/box ) ** 1 box 36 pcs = RM 45
  • Fresh Fruit Slice Cakes ** 1 box 16 pcs (6cm width x 6cm length) = RM 45

Additional requirement which consider as an extra charge :
Chocolate Ganache Frosting * RM20 ( per kg cake ) *RM 10 (16pcs) *RM 15 ( 25pcs )
Cream Cheese Frosting  * RM20 ( per kg cake ) *RM 15 (16pcs) *RM 20 ( 25pcs )
Fresh Fruit (market price)
Drawing of Characters *RM25
Edible Image *RM25

Negotiable for bulk quantity, please email for full Price Quotation.

Our Menu

  • Chocolate Moist
  • Vanilla
  • Sponge chocolate / vanilla

Continental Cake
  • Red velvet
  • Carrot walnut
  • Russian Black & White
  • Rainbow Cake
  • Snickers Cheesecake
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Classic Oreo Cheesecake
  • Pavlova

  • Double chocolate chip muffin
  • Blueberry / strawberry muffin
  • Orange poppy seed muffin

  • Cheese Blueberry / Strawberry
  • Fruit Custard
Slice Cakes
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Chocolate
  • Ala Opera
Cream Puff

more to come :)

Taska Ayu Manja

36 mini cupcakes for special occasion @ Taska Ayu Manja, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

~ Chocolate moist with choc ganache and buttercream ~

brownies coklat with stoberies

cubaan pertama me buat brownies...
alahai..kejap je lishinnnnn..
tapi mr syuk cam biasa la, stoberi tu dia tak makan, dia buh lam my pinggan...haha, selamat la abg tak suka makan..untung2..
alhamdullillah dah ada yang bertanyakan tantang brownies cekelat ni ; )
tapi brownies ni takleh nak deco2, hehe, paling best pun buh cik stoberi kat atas tu je

The wonder pets

3 set 16 cuppies Wonder pets untuk si kecil 3 tahun.
chocolate moist with choc ganache & buttercream.
oder utk makan2 di nesery.


kami datang..

membantu haiwan dalam kesusahan..

kami x besar dan kami x kuat..

bile kerjasama..

semua jadi mudah..

go wonderpets..

my son suka betul dgn cartoon ni..Especially the bird name "Ming Ming"

cupcakes carrot walnut

tempahan dari cik ina, cuma inginkan 16 cupcake carrot walnut with cheese frosting...sesimple mungkin katanya sbb tak suka apa2 atas kek..hehhe, n so me letak la sebatang karot setiap satu...
tq cik ina.

Kelas Deco dengan Kak Jun

alhamdullillah, dah completed belajar deco cupcake dengan my sifu -kak jun. selama ni, cuma ambil tempahan kerabat kawan2 only for suka2... dan sekarang, cam gian plak nak deco2 kek ni, slow2 k...
sgt enjoy kelas dengan kak jun, asyik dengar perkataan comel keluar dari sifu...yes, sifu ni mmg selalu menghasilkan karya2 yg comel2 belaka.

balik dari kelas, berebut muhammad, aisyah , syuk pun skali.. komen dari syuk..wahhh, dah macam pro nih, hehe

posting pertamaku

sebenarnya dah lama blog ni wujud, and only n only me yg tengok, hehe... "bake me cupcake"....muhammad (my son) yang selalu sebut..n me yg ajar dia, hahha..senang ummi nak tau just when u need my cupcake dear ; ) n him, only him yang selalu teman me kat dapur...seronok tgk muka dia penuh tepung...

ingat lagi dulu zaman anak dara, kawan2 mak suka sgt oder kek cokelat moist...

sayangnya resepi tu dah hilang...

but here, i only used my mom's secret recipe..

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