:: Cake and Cupcake Price, Size ::

All prices quoted on my blog may subject to change from time to time.

  • Chocolate Moist  ** RM 70/ 1kg
  • Pandan Gula Melaka RM 80/ 1 kg
  • Red Velvet  ** RM 80/ 1kg 
  • Carrot walnut  ** RM 80/ 1kg 
  • Rainbow Cake  ** RM 80/ 1kg 
  • Snickers / Blueberry Cheesecake  ** RM 80/ 1kg
  • Classic Baked Oreo Cheesecake  ** RM 80/ 1kg 
  • Pavlova Cake 8 inch 2 layer  ** RM 80
  • Pastry Fruit Cakes 9inch RM 70
  • Burn Cheesecake 7inch  RM 50

 **normally cake weight will be more than 1 kg, its a plus minus scale.

Cupcakes - standard size Medium (2.5 oz Souffle Cup) 5.5 cm (W,top diameter) x 3.5 cm (H)
  • 16 pcs / box = from RM50.00 
  • 25 pcs / box = from RM70.00

Additional requirement which consider as an extra charge :
Chocolate Ganache Frosting * RM20 ( per kg cake ) *RM 10 (16pcs) *RM 15 ( 25pcs )
Cream Cheese Frosting  * RM20 ( per kg cake ) *RM 15 (16pcs) *RM 20 ( 25pcs )
Fresh Fruit (market price)
Drawing of Characters *RM25
Edible Image *RM25

Baby Pavlova **16pcs RM 40

Mini Cupcakes - standard design, swirl buttercream with MnM candies **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 35


  • Double chocolate chip muffin **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 40
  • Blueberry / strawberry muffin **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 35
  • Orange poppy seed muffin **1 box of 25 pcs, RM 35

  • Cheese Blueberry / Strawberry ** 50 pcs RM 55  ** 25pcs RM 30
  • additional drawing/painting minimum rm5 per set
  • Fruit Custard ** 50 pcs RM 65 **25pcs RM35
  • Nutella Cheese ** 50pcs RM 55  ** 25pcs RM 30

Puff Pastries

  • Cream Horn **30 pcs RM 60
  • Fruit puff ** 30pcs RM 60
  • Sardine savory ** 30pcs RM 60

Cream Puff ** 50 pcs RM 55 ** 25pcs RM 30
Fruit Cream Puff ** 50 pcs RM 70

Slice Cakes
  • Blueberry/Strawberry/Kiwi/Orange Slice Cakes ( 1 flavor/box ) **1 box 36 pcs = RM 40
  • Chocolate Slice Cakes / Oreo Slice Cakes ( 1 flavor/box )**1 box 36 pcs = RM45
  • Ala Opera Slice Cakes ( 1 flavor/box ) ** 1 box 36 pcs = RM 45

  • Nuttella topping size 7'**1 box cut 32 pcs = RM 40
  • Mix Nut topping size 7'**1 box cut 32 pcs = RM 45

Nutella Volcano size 8'** cut 16 pcs RM 40
Congo Bars size 10'** cut  50pcs RM 70

Negotiable for bulk quantity, please email for full Price Quotation.


deQna said...

can u quote me a price together wz the sample for 400 mini cup cakes (XS or S)? it's actually for my wedding doorgift..i want it in black & white theme wiz deco e.g. face of gal & boy wz little butterfly..


Suhana said...

Dear anna,
please email to me for price quotation.

thank you,

Unknown said...


anna, kalau lis nk order 4/10 deliver ke shah alam boleh ke? kalau boleh nnt lis bg details nk cupcakes/cake yang cemana...

Suhana said...

email detail order kat anna ye, nak pm tru KMC pun boleh, no problemo :)

lovelypinky said...


klu su nk order 6hb Dec deliver to KL blh ke?

intanruzlynn said...

nak quotation untuk chocolate chips/chocolate vanila choc chips muffin untuk tempah 1000 biji. TQ

DINA said...

Dna nk order cakes...
1st order nk cod on 29 July...
Can u plz call @ msg dna cz dna jarang online buat masa ni...
Tp dlm blog, xde no phone suhana...
Hargai sgt klu suhana leh contact me in ASAP...

DNA 012-6403797

sakinah said...

saya berminat nak order cake + cupcakes for my wedding on 9/10/10
agak2 berapa anggaran budget utk smua..
n if tuk delivery around putrajaya berapa ye charge nye...
could u just msg sy at


sakinah said...

say ingin tahu harga cake+cupcake utk weding.anggaran budget berapa ye??
jika sy nak order pada 9/10/10
masih boleh lg ke..
sy duk dkt putrajaya shaja
harap dpt msg sy sakinah


Anonymous said...

saya nak tanya harga muffin untuk tempahan 800 biji bagi bulan disember.

Anonymous said...

salam saye nak tanye strawberry n choclate cupacakes for mini berapa harga dia?
n boleh hantar delivery tak?

pwincess afiqah said...

saya afiqah dri salak tinggi..
saya nk order cup cakes yg saiz small untuk birthday mama sye...
so mcmmne ea sye nk bg design...
brape ea harga 25 cupcakes in small size??..
boleh x bg feed back secepatnya sebab sye nk cupcake ni dalam 30.09.10...

pwincess afiqah said...

sye afiqah dari salak tnggi..
sye nk order cupcakes untuk birthday mama sye..
so mcm ne ae sye nk pilih design??
lg stu,berape harga ea untuk 25 cupcakes in small size??

Anonymous said...

anna,blh x bg sy bajet utk wedding nyer cup cakes,S & M sizes,16pcs...its for my cousin's wed,end of Nov..pls email to me,k...thanx

thanx n regards,

afie said...

saya batul2 nk order kek birthday utk ank saya,tapi blh ke deliver to KL coz sy x tahu nk ke salak tinggi lah.......(afie - 019-6118057)

Anonymous said...


Kalau I nak order 200 pieces of cupcakes, flavour is choc moist, and toppings butter cream, decoration simple flower using that butter cream je and with a colour theme la, berapa harga nya? sorry sebab i tak faham your price list.

beruangkalerbiru said...

kak suhana, kalo nk pesan utk delivery on a spesific date (birthday) ke area KL possible x?

Anonymous said...


Boleh bg quotation for hantaran tunang cupcakes 25 pcs n kek hantaran choc moist , mjls on 23 jan 2012

Email: sparrowhawk_z@yahoo.com

Thanks ;)

Connie said...

do u provide cup cake for chinese wedding? i need ard 50 boxes, just 2 cup cake in a box!!! the cup cake hv to write chinese word on! i think it is medium size! can u quote me price asap?

Broco's Garden said...

hi, i need a 2 kg cake -with fondant and 2D/3D figurines on Shaun the sheep.Pls advice.tq

Anonymous said...

Hi how much those 60 cake jars cost?
Is it possible to send to singapore?
Can email me at aynnazman@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hi..kalau i nak oder simple cupcake for 350 pcs..how much each ye?


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