This special Father's Day wish
That comes with love to you
Brings warm and heartfelt
For all the thoughtful things you do
It also comes to let you know
You mean more to me each day
To everyone your lives have touched
In such a loving way.
Happy Day
With Love

Special thanks to our valuable customer.
.: Solehah ( Putrajaya ):.
.: Nurul (Putrajaya):.
.: Arish ( Putrajaya ):.
.: Joseline ( Serdang ):.
.: Mama Pisah ( Bangi ):.
.: Haniza ( Putrajaya) :.
.: Farah (Putrajaya ) :.
.:Azlia (Putrajaya ):.
.:Siti (Bangi ):.
.:Zulhamimi (Salak Tinggi ):.
.: Eliss ( Shah Alam ) :.
.:Izan ( Nilai ):.
.:Zanita (Salak Tinggi ):.
.:Hamida (Puchong ):.
.:Sharifah Zuhaira (Shah Alam ):.
.:Siti Hawa (Salak Tinggi ):.
.:Sharifah Alwiyah (Kota Damansara):.
.: Elinn ( Salak Tinggi ):.
.: Alycia (puchong):.
24 sets taken for fathers day promotion. Tq again for participated in this limited time promotion.
p/s ; Thousand apologizes to dear customer yang menggunakan khidmat penghantaran, it seem musim buah strawbery gemuk2, even saya cut into two pun masih besar juga, and so while transportation those chubby strawberry tak reti duduk diam walau saya dah 'pin' those with toothpicks..and it also effects the chocolate butter cream swirl :( plus the weather yang sgt panas on 20 June
..Truly Sorry ..

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