:: Princess Barbie Kaseh ::

8" Doll Cake
Chocolate Moist Cake layer with chocolate blueberry
buttercream frosting
approx 1.97kg

Tempahan dari Puan Jelita.
Cake to celebrate her daughter birthday ~ Kaseh

my 1st doll's cake..saya agak letih masa deco kek ni, hoho, seharian petang tu saya menyiapkan set father's day, juga wedding doorgift...lepas solat asar baru saya mula deco both cake yang ditempah oleh Jelita, mungkin bila letih, jadi idea agak terhad, meratakan skirt barbie ni pun hampir sejam :)) hehe, saya kan budak baru belajar, so agak lama sikit la..
Jelita serahkan semua idea deco pada saya only it needed to be in pink!
I am not a fashion designer by any means, but I happen to think I did an alright job on the dress.
"Boleh la kan? "

..Thank You again Jelita..


MamaFaMi said...

Memang jelita kek ni....

Suhana said...

salam mamafami
Thank You =))

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Syuk @ Anna, I neva know that this was ur first assignment doing the 'princess barbie cake'. But frankly speaking, u did it Anna. I was so excited to see the result when Syuk sent that nite. The gals also impressed with this princess barbie cake. Your cake is not only nice, beautiful..but also YUMMY. Thanks a lot dear!

Suhana said...

thanxs dear


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