:: Pakej Muffin Murah + Sedap!! ::

We make Special Muffins for a couple of customers and thaught we would offer the most requested ,special request, muffins. We bake our muffins from scratch using only the finest, freshest and HALAL ingredients.

Pakej ini sesuai dijadikan doorgift utk Majlis Perkahwinan / Pertunangan

Pakej Muffin utk Wedding
dengan Chocolate Chip

Medium size
with plastic dome container

minimum order of 700 pcs

harga Pakej 700pcs  =  RM 820.00

harga biasa utk 700pcs = RM1050.00
harga promosi pakej 700pcs cuma  RM 820.00 sahaja
Penjimatan = RM 230.00 !!

(sila email ke bakemecupcake@yahoo.com utk tempahan / mendapatkan quotation bagi kuantiti berlainan ) 

Tawaran murah ini hanya sah sehingga 31 Disember 2010 SAHAJA

Terima Kasih, Have a great day ahead! :D
Suhana for Bake Me Cupcake

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