:: Part Time Baking Assistant : 8 & 9 February ::

Peace be upon you  & Good Day everyone,
We require a part-time employees for the following dates: -

Date: 8 & 9 February 2011
Time: 9.00 am - 6.00pm
Salary: RM85 for 2 days
Lunch will be provided
Women only.
No experience necessary.

All teaching will be appointed (a good opportunity to learn how to make cupcakes up to the packaging).
Priority is given to those living nearby Taman Desa Bestari, Salak Tinggi. ( Restaurant RN Teguh as a landmark )
School students who are on leave or housewives are hihgly encouraged to apply.
Only those who really interested, please email
1. Name :
2. Hp no :
3. Age :
4. Address : 
5. Occupation :

to bakemecupcake@yahoo.com

To our potential customers who are about to place their order, I think I owe them thousand of apologies as I hv to announce that from today until 15th February 2011, I'm so out of hand to take anymore orders. And do kindly bear in mind, that for or those who want to place their orders right after 15th, please and please....I do need one week notice, to catch up with the existing orders...thank u fr  understanding ..

As some of you all know, I'm doing baking as a part time job beside my study ( Yes Im now a full time student ;) ) The only time I have to bake and prepare fr order is 'when i hv no classes n assignment',  and I really hope this will explain why sometimes.. I have to refuse to take extra or last minute orders, Im really sorry..

Although I always promise to serve the best for my customers, yet I won't say things that I can't fulfill.
Happy holidays and Happy Chinese New Year to those who are about to celebrate :)
Thanks fr your support, We forward to many years of mutual prosperity

From; Suhana fr Bake Me Cupcakes :)


Extra Cheese Tartlets to GRAB!!
1 set Only
25 pcs of Blueberry Filling = RM 30

FAST SALE PRICE : RM 28.00 only
Pick up @ Maybank Perbadanan Putrajaya / Salak Tinggi
Pls SMS, Syukri @ 019 388 2505
first come first serve! ..thank you..

SOLD..Thank you..

:: Happy 30th ::

Blueberry Cheese Cake with Fresh Strawberry,
Thanks Azliza, Desa Bestari.

:: Hazirah is 9 ::

Barbies Photocake
Thanks Haniyyah, Nilai..

:: 121210 ::

Thanks Kak Mashi, Putrajaya

:: Arsenal-for fans ::

The flu threw me way behind in  updating my entries. to who ever order this cake, thank you very much ya!

:: Love U...so much ::

Order from Kak Shima, Putrajaya..
1kg of Choc Cake with Choc Ganache, edible image..
Thanks so much Kak..

:: Cake untuk Elly ::

Cakes for Cik Elly, DBKL...

sorry ye, hd to show the picture half-finished ;), the bags are still being "drained" ..

Happy Bufday Elly!!

:: Strawberry choc ::

Order From Nay, Rawang..
Thanks so much sudi order dgn anna ye :)

:: Fazrul & Yana, Part 3 ::

1500 pcs Muffin with individual packaging
Mix Chocolate, Vanilla & Pandan.

Terima Kasih Kak Yati sekeluarga :)

:: Miza is 6 ::

Doll's cake with buttercream
Mini cupcakes, Choc moist with grass buttercream + M&M choc drop.

Thanks Mas,Salak Tinggi.

:: Nur'ailah is 2 ::

pagi2 lagi saya dah bangun update blog :P, sebenarnya gambar tahun lepas belum habis upload lagi, bizi bizi bizi~~~  Insyaallah saya akan cuba abiskan entry tahun lepas secepat mungkin okeh ;) tapi jgn risau, email dlm inbox tetap saya balas setiap hari, Oh ye...Bake Me Cupcake TIDAK menerima tempahan melalui CALL atau SMS ye...cuma email sahaja, ini utk megelakkan sebarang kesilapan/salah faham,  harap pelanggan yang saya hormati boleh memahami situasi ini..Terima kasih..

Chocolate moist with choc ganache
Upin Ipin Photocake

Terima kasih Norsahida, Salak Tinggi.


We are VERY pleased to announce that our FEBRUARY 2011 ORDER is Now Open.

Please review our MENU HERE  and you're kindly asked to refer the Order Availability Calendar to check on my baking availability.

You can email us your order to bakemecupcake@yahoo.com with all these details.
( copy paste)

1. Name:
2. Contact number :
3. Pick-up Point : Salak Tinggi / Maybank Perbadanan Putrajaya
4. Pick-up Date :

 Cakes /Cupcakes/Tartlets:
5. Quantity :
6. Size :
7. Flavor :
8. Topping :
9. Theme and color of design :
10. Wordings :
11. Budget :

or fill in the ORDER FORM HERE

Thanks and Take Care,
Suhana for Bake Me Cupcake


Extra Mini Cupcakes to grab!!
1 set Only

Mini cupcakes
(Blue &Pink buttercream color with M&M choc drop)
paper cup ( 8 cm )

25 pcs = RM 30
FAST SALE PRICE : RM 22.00 only
Pls SMS, Syukri @ 019 388 2505
first come first serve!

- SOLD..thank you.. -

sample design;
Thanks n have a nice day :)

:: Happy Birthday Syed ::

Choc moist with buttercream
Birthday Theme Cupcakes

Order from Safinaz, Putrajaya.

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Nana 25th bufday ::

Chocolate moist cupcakes with cream cheese
Cats Theme Cupcakes

Order from Mr Hasyim

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: B'day Ayah&Abang ::

Choc moist with choc ganache
Order from Zuraini, Nilai

Terima Kasih kerana sudi order lagi :)

:: Nusi & Farah ::

choc moist cake with choc ganache
gumpaste flower

Order from Izan, Nilai

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: 1st Anniversary ::

Choc moist cuppies with cream cheese

Order from Emy, Putrajaya.

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: 20th Bday ::

Choc moist cuppies with choc ganache
Birthday theme

Order from Sha, Putrajaya

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Congrats Sayang ::

alamak..Oh my dear, sebab dah terlupa empunya order ni, maaf ya dik...terlalu lama dah gambar ni , it happened to me masa  sibuk nak final exam..,Thanks for order..Jumpa Lagi :)

Choc moist cuppies
with vanilla buttercream
Graduation theme cupcakes......

:: from ganu With LOVE ::

Choc moist cake with choc ganache
tops with fresh strawberry ( petik kat Cold Storage- winks ~ )

Order from Miss Lavendar, Terengganu.
Special for 'Mr Lucky Man' Cyberjaya

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)


Name & pick up date =
Email Address =
Contact Number =
Pick up point = Salak Tinggi
Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya
Delivery on weekend
Delivery Address =
a) Cake
b) Cupcakes
Cake / Cupcakes Flavor
Type of Frosting for cake / cupcakes
c) Tartlets
d) Slice Cakes
e) Pastries
Other Product / Customize Order
Write up message for cake/cupcakes
Special instruction, Design/Theme/Colors/ Quantity =
Budget =

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