:: untuk Datin Noraini ... ::

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese
Order from Pn Mashie, Putrajaya

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Amsyar is 2 ::

Chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream
Upin Ipin edible photocake

Order from Nik Sufiah,
Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Happy B'day Dear ::

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese
Order from Elin,Nilai
Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Recron's Cupcakes ::

Order from Recron, for staff birthday bash
Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Sayangku Zahidah ::

Chocolate Moist with Cream Cheese
Order from Mr Zul Izzat,
Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Wieya is 11 ::

Chocolate Moist with buttercream
Sweet roses Theme Cupcakes
Thanks Wieya!
Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Our House, Home Sweet Home ::

Chocolate Moist with Buttercream
housewarming Theme Cupcakes
Thanks So Much Ye !! :)

:: Jadeyn 1st Birthday ::

2 tiers stackable choc moist cake with buttercream
Birthday Theme for Baby Girl

Mini Cupcakes 150 pcs

Chocolate moist,M&M choc drop
individual plastic container

Order from Joanna, Thank you again for the many ideas that you provided to us, and thank you again for trusting us with this opportunity..

:: Recron January 2011 ::

500pcs ChocMoist Cuppies for Recron's Staff Birthday Bash.
Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Sayang Kamu ::

Chocolate Moist with Cream Cheese

okay...yg ni mmg saya dah lupa orgnya..sorry sgt..ni order pada bulan januari..thanks so much ye!
Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Happy Bufday Boss ::

Chocolate moist with buttercream
Birthday Theme cupcakes

Order from Wanie, Putrajaya.

:: Thank You Boss ::

Chocolate moist with Chocolate Ganache
Thanks Syazreen !!

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Tartlets & Mini Cupcakes ::

I had received order from customers for Tartlets and Mini Cupcakes, assuming the picture were the same as previous order, and of course I would to thank them for this ordering, thanks for your continuous support..
C ya! :)

:: Fasha is 4 ::

Chocolate moist with Buttercream
Barbie's Photocake

Thanks Khairina!!
Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Princess Rania is 2 ::

Chocolate Moist with Buttercream
Princess Doll's Cake
Thanks Azziyah !!

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)

:: Atuk Bakar Cake ::

Chocolate moist cake with buttercream
Edible Garden Theme
Thanks Erlena !!

Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi :)


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