:: Ajim's bulldozer Cake ::


One short story to share with my readers...
Just few days before eid festive last year I've got email from Masyitah,UIA.  She told me that she had 3 yrs old nephew whose hd leukemia and the prognosis wasn't good..later she asked me her nephew's final wish " bulldozer cake" for his birthday and asked if it possible to make it happen... for some reason, despite my busy schedule I can't even say  No.., and i've thought and thought about how best to make the cake...so here it is..

The day after receiving his bulldozer cake,the day we had celebrated eid al-adha.. Ajim had passed away ..., just imagine how I felt here and then.. my heart filled with sadness..He actually came to pick up d cakes with Masyitah but I didn't get a chance to say Hello during that time.. :(
Ajim I never really knew you but you are a very, very brave boy, I am so proud of how hard you are fighting the cancer monster...and my pray re always for you dear..thank you..al-Fatihah
Masyitah & Cikwan, Thank you ..thank you.
p/s: Make a Stranger Smile Today. Don't wait for people to smile. Show them how..

1 comment:

Fatimah said...

Sedih nya baca....Sib baik awak sempat wat kek utk dia...:( Al-fatihah utk arwah.


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